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Traditional Yang-style Tai Chi

Classical Yang Style Tai Chi and Our Groups

You  may be wondering if Tai Chi is for you!  Our friendly group training sessions are voluntary, community-based activities. We welcome adults of all ages. New members may join at any time.


Classical Yang Style Tai Chi is a fascinating subject.  If you practice regularly then the benefits of Tai Chi mas include reduced stress, improved balance, increased flexibility and improved general health.    Advanced students also learn the martial applications of Yang Style Tai Chi for self-defence.


Our training groups are part of a wider organisation called the YMAA (Yang’s Martial Arts Association) founded by Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming in 1982.

Dr Yang is internationally recognized as a teacher, author and expert in Chinese martial arts, Chi Kung (Qigong) – the study of energy circulating in the body, and Chin Na (Qin Na) - joint locks. He has 41 years experience in martial arts and Chi Kung and has been teaching for 34 years. Dr Yang was president of YMAA International until 2007.  He has presided over an International Summer camp each year since 2000.

Dr Yang’s son, Nicholas C. Yang, is now president of YMAA International based in the USA.  YMAA has over 50 Tai Chi schools in 18 countries.


     Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

Classical Yang Style Tai Chi

Yang style Tai Chi contains many elements. Beginners learn a sequence of Tai Chi moves known as ‘The Form’, breathing exercises to help relax muscles and ‘soften’ the body, and Chi Kung sequences focusing the body’s internal energy.   We practice these movements slowly as a group and there is no hard contact as there can be in other martial arts such as Karate and Taekwondo.  Tai Chi is subtle – it takes a while to learn and a lifetime to master!

Advanced students learn to use each aspect of the Form for self-defence and how to apply joint locks to neutralise opponents without hurting them unnecessarily.  More advanced students may have weapons training in the Tai Chi Sabre, traditional Tai Chi Sword and Staff.

Training follows Master Yang’s curriculum for YMAA.  Practise may lead to formal grading but it’s not compulsory to gain these qualifications (known as ‘stripes’).

Our Groups

Our groups meet weekly.  Details of times and locations are on the home page.  We practise Tai Chi exercises aligned with the YMAA curriculum and sessions typically may include:

•  Warm-up exercises

•  Chi Kung exercises

•  Tai Chi Form

•  Tai Chi Pushing Hands

•  Martial Applications

New members complete a brief application form on joining.  Each session costs £5 (first session for new members is free).

If you wish to continue to practise Tai Chi with us, after a while, it’s expected you’ll join YMAA.  There’s then also a small monthly fee for your membership of YMAA, currently £4 for your membership of YMAA.

YMAA membership brings discounts on certain events, such annual training camps, and access to YMAA Tai Chi books, DVDs, clothing and seminars offered through the YMAA Publication Centre.

You'll see a gallery of images from our training sessions elsewhere on this web site.  We look forward to welcoming you! 


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